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Status View

(Enterprise and Trial versions only) The Status View displays the Status Report for the currently selected "Master Status Report" or a Watch Group.


Report Highlights

The indicator color (red outline color in the image above) provides an at-a-glance view of the status of the Watch Items in the report.

The report heading contains the following:

1. The machine name (optional)

2. Summary of the number of Watch Items that are down and up (or Up, Warning, Down if condition icon in WebWatchBot Preferences is set to SLA status)

3. The last update date and time for the report

The sub heading contains user defined text (or html) to display under the heading. By default, this text is either "Master Status Report" or the name of the Watch Group.

The grouping bars show the Watch Items in the particular group by its status or watch type. The "Master Status Report" is the only Status Report that can display all Watch Items, Watch Groups or Transactions. Watch Group Status Reports are limited to the Watch Items in that Watch Group.