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The Transaction Recorder records each web page visited, including form fields filled out. This functionality is ideal for quickly and easily setting up a transaction for monitoring more than web page that needs to execute in sequence.


Fields and Buttons

Toolbar Buttons

Back - Navigate the browser back one page. This does not rewind or review recorded steps.

Forward - Navigate the browser forward one page. This does not rewind or review recorded steps.

Recording - Toggle between automatic recording. This button is enabled when no transaction steps initially exist.

Add - Add, as a transaction step, the currently displayed web page in the browser.

Delete - Delete the selected transaction step.

Move Up - Move the selected transaction step up on the transaction step list.

Move Down - Move the selected transaction step down on the transaction step list.

Clear - Remove all transaction steps. NOTE: This does not delete transaction steps that existed before the transaction recorder was started.

Save and Close - Creates new Watch Items for the transaction steps. Existing transaction steps are not recreated.

Transaction Steps

The transaction step list, each step is listed with a URL, POST data, and HTTP header. The fields are not editable.


The browser is an Internet Explorer compatible window for navigating web pages.

Recording a Transaction

1. Enter a URL in the address field and click "Go" or press "Enter"

2. The browser window will display the output of the entered URL:

Note: Some URLs may redirect to a different URL which is detected and recorded. In the above image, note that redirects to a different URL.

3. In the browser window, enter form data and click buttons: transaction_recorder3.gif

4. When finished, click the "Save and Close" button to create Watch Items for the recorded steps. To discard the recorded steps and NOT create Watch Items, click the Window close button or click the "Clear" button, then "Save and Close".