Transactions And Watch Items

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transaction_main_view.gif (figure 1)

Summary Watch Item

Each Transaction has it's own summary Watch Item (see figure 1 above), which is displayed in the Watch List. Summary Watch Item's are only visible for the selected Transaction. The purpose of the summary Watch Item is to provide all of the features of a Watch Item to the transaction: charting, current output, log, reporting, etc.

To run a Transaction on demand, outside of its normal schedule, highlight the summary Watch Item in the Watch List and click the "Run Now" icon or select the menu option Tools -> Run Now.

Watch Items - Steps in a Transaction

Additionally, Transactions have assigned Watch Items, referred to as "steps", that are ordered for execution in the Transaction. Watch Items can be assigned to be part of one or more Transactions. Watch Items can also be designated as exclusive to run only in Transactions.

If a Watch Item is set as Transaction Exclusive, then the Watch Item will only run as part of a Transaction and not on its own. If a Watch Item is NOT set as Transaction Exclusive, then it will run on its scheduled frequency, and will also run as a step in a Transaction if assigned to a Transaction.