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WebWatchBot provides the functionality to execute, in a defined sequence, one or more watch items that collectively form one entity for monitoring known as a Transaction.

Though Transactions are commonly a series of web pages, WebWatchBot allows any Watch Type, e.g., SMTP, POP3, HTTP, etc., to be executed within a Transaction.

One of the most common types of Transactions is one that monitors web pages within an e-commerce web application, to monitor a shopping cart and all of its pieces. For example, a Transaction could monitor the following steps:

  1. View an item in a catalog
  2. Add item to a shopping cart
  3. View contents of a shopping cart
  4. Start checkout process
  5. Add customer data for checkout
  6. Complete checkout/purchase

Transactions can be added, modified and deleted much like Watch Items. Transactions have Alarm Settings, SLA Status, Reports, Real-Time Charts, Response Time Charts, Output, and Log similar to Watch Items.

Modifying a Transaction changes the properties of that Transaction, but not the properties of the Watch Items that are steps of that Transaction.

Deleting a Transaction deletes the Transaction and its Transaction Summary, but does not delete Watch Items that are steps of that Transaction.</span>