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Posting an email alert on Twitter is easy to do, using the right tools, and is a good channel to let your co-workers and customers know when a site is down and when it comes back up.


  1. An email account
  2. An account for that email account with
  3. A twitter account


  1. Log into IFTTT ( and create a new recipe by cling on the "Create" link at the top of the page
  2. Click on the big link "this":

  3. Choose a Trigger channel - select "Email":

  4. Choose a Trigger setting. Select "Send IFTTT any email". When an email alert from WebWatchBot is sent to from your email address, this recipe will be triggered:

  5. Create the trigger by clicking on the "Create Trigger" button:

  6. Note that the trigger is configured. By sending an email to from the email account used to create the IFTTT account, this recipe will be triggered:

  7. Click the link "that" to create the recipe action:

  8. Choose Trigger Channel, by clicking on "Twitter". Note: After clicking this button, you may be taken through a series of steps to authorize IFTTT to post on behalf of your twitter account (not shown):

  9. Choose an Action, by clicking on "Post a tweet":

  10. Complete Action Fields, by using the defaults and clicking on "Create Action":

  11. Create and Activate the recipe, by clicking on the "Create Recipe" button:

  12. Test your recipe by sending an email to "" from the email address you configured for this recipe, and then check your twitter account for the tweet.