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New User page allows the creation of a new user.

Forms and Links

Toolbar Buttons

  • Username - A unique username used for logging in
  • Password - A password that meets the requirements set in the [web.config] file, in the section "User Administration".
  • Security Question - For password recovery, a question for the answer given in the field "Security Answer".
  • Security Answer - For password recover, the answer to the question given in the field "Security Question".
  • Email - For password recovery, email address of the user.
  • Is Approved - New users must be approved either automatically as set in the web.config file, or manually on this page or the Edit User page. If approval is NOT automatic, the administrator must approve the user before that user may log in.
  • User Type - Select one of the three types of users:
    • Administrators - Access to all pages and functionality
    • Users - Access to all pages and functionality except for User Administration functionality
    • Viewers - Access to "Reports" only

Admin Notes

All fields are required, except for the "Is Approved" checkbox.