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The Watch List displays a list of watch items, which may be filtered by status or type or by Watch Group, and is visible only in the Explorer View. From this window pane, watch items are manipulated.

Selecting watch item(s) affects the data shown in the Preview Pane


The Watch List has a grid layout that is fully customizable:

  • Columns are resizable by moving the mouse in-between two columns until the mouse pointer changes to a vertical bar, then by left-click dragging the column boundary to the desired size.
  • Columns are sortable by clicking on the column heading.
  • Customize which columns are displayed and in which order through the main menu: Tools->Customize Grid Headings

Grid Colors

The Watch List may have special colors on one or more rows:

  • Blue Background: The currently selected Watch Item(s)
  • Gray Background (Windows system color for "inactive border"): Watch Item in individual maintenance mode.
  • Red Text: Watch Item is "Down"
  • Light Gray Text: Watch Item is "transaction exclusive" and part of a Transactions
  • Navy Blue Text: Watch Item is a transaction summary.
  • Purple Text: Watch Item is "transaction exclusive" and NOT part of a transaction and is considered orphaned.

Selecting Watch Items

Select a single watch item by clicking with the left mouse button - the Preview Pane will automatically update with the selected watch item's data.

Select multiple watch items in one of three ways:

  • Hold the "Ctrl" key and by selecting multiple watch items
  • Select the first watch item, then hold the "Shift" key and select another watch item. All watch items that appear in between the two selected watch items will become selected
  • Press Ctrl-A or through the main menu: Edit->Select All to select all watch items on the Watch List.

Performing Other Actions on Watch Items

  • To run a watch item immediately, double-click on a single watch item in the Watch List
  • Right-Click on one or more watch items to bring up a context sensitive menu of actions which may be performed.

Customize Grid Headings

The Watch List Grid headings' visibility and display order are easily customizable: Customize Grid Headings