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WebWatchBot Download Instructions

Before You Install

properties_doc24b.gif System Requirements

Please check the system requirements to ensure that your system is capable of running WebWatchBot.

11_24.png Installation Guide

View a complete installation guide for WebWatchBot

Download Version 5.1.5

Choosing the right setup to download

WebWatchBot 5.1.5 uses Microsoft SQL Server to store the data that it collects for maximum efficiency and scalability.

WebWatchBot can either use an existing installation of SQL Server (2000, 2005) or it can install the free desktop version of SQL Server (MSDE: Microsoft Sql Server Desktop Engine) automatically for you with no added cost or special licensing.

Choose the setup based on the statement that best fits you

db_drop24_h.gif"I DON'T have Microsoft SQL Server or I am not sure"

WebWatchbot 5.1.5 with MSDE - this setup will install MSDE (Microsoft Sql Server Desktop Engine) automatically for you on the same computer WebWatchBot is installed on.
NOTE: This setup is not compatible with Windows Vista. If you have Windows Vista, Download and install SQL Server 2005 Express (FREE) from Microsoft, then download and install WebWatchBot for SQL Server below.

(11_24.png WebWatchBot with MSDE Installation Guide)

db24_h.gif "I have Microsoft SQL Server"

Choose WebWatchBot 5.1.5 for SQL Server - this setup will install WebWatchBot on a computer and store its data on an existing instance of SQL Server 2000, 2005 or MSDE.

(11_24.png WebWatchBot for SQL Server Installation Guide)


db24_h.gif "I am upgrading from a previous version of WebWatchBot version 5.0"

Customers upgrading from WebWatchBot version 5.0 and newer can quickly update to the newest version with the new Updater which is a small program that will download and update only the necessary files for an existing WebWatchBot installation without the need to uninstall and install a new version.
Download the Updater:
  • 5.1.5 Updater - (WWBUpdater.exe - 197 KB) When prompted, click "Run")
Download this alternate file (WebWatchBot5.1.5Updater.zip - 85 KB) if your network security settings prevent you from directly executing from our website. This downloadable zip file contains the Updater.

Manually Update WebWatchBot with this download (WebWatchBot5.1.5patch.zip - 12.0 MB) . All necessary files are included with instructions on how to manually upgrade WebWatchBot version 5.0 and newer to version 5.1.5.

Current customers, DO NOT UNINSTALL VERSION 4 until you read this KB article: Customers Migrating from WebWatchBot Version 4 to Version 5