Custom Watch Type




WebWatchBot's Custom Watch Type monitors a program executable or batch file, ensuring that the output contains a keywork or phrase, and checking the validity of the return code.

How does it work?

  • WebWatchBot executes the specified program and waits for the process to terminate.
  • Upon termination, WebWatchBot verifies the return code for success or failure.
  • Output is optionally searched for a specified keyword or phrase.


  • Extends WebWatchBot to execute other programs to increase monitoring capabilities.
  • Verifies the output of the program to ensure it is as expected.
  • Checks the return code of the program to determine success or failure.


Fields and Buttons

Command to Execute [Browse]

Success Return Codes (separate with a comma)

Failure Return Codes (separate with a comma)

Include any number not listed in Success Return Codes

Return Code verification Active

Search Text (enter a word, phrase or text that should be found in the output

Search is case sensitive

If Search text is found, then trigger failure

More Information

The success and failure return codes are generated by the program that the Custom Watch Type is executing. Users need to consult the documentation of the program they are running for available return codes and their meaning. As a general rule of thumb, a return code of 0 (zero) is success while any non-zero value is failure.